Positions and Practice – The Global Image

First week theme was about the Global image. What kind of image becomes globally shared and iconic? It comes to mind those related to disasters, wars, remarkable historical events. When reading about the exhibition The Family of Man first shown in 1955, it was criticized for different aspects of it, such as idealizing an ideal happy world and ignoring local issues, such as gender discrimination, racism etc. Also, it was criticized by portraying white men rich and prosperous, and black and other ethnicities I poor treatment. Therefore, “Can the local become global, and the global become local?”.


I was surprised by the Freudian concept of Daydreaming being in use of the web culture, meaning that images are connected and one content leads to another, so the user thinks it has full control, but in reality, is daydreaming, being dragged from one site to another by a meta-system for the distribution of images and videos. So, globalization with the access of the www has positive and negative effects, images are everywhere around the social media and with it comes the sameness, just like stock photography, which was described by Barthes as a “code without a message”. So, the generic photo creates a certain comfort in the sameness, instead of accepting the differences, struggles and uncertainty of different peoples and cultures.


After reading this and sharing with the group, I started wondering if I could have explored more the image that I have created. I tried to recreate the image of Anne Frank, one of the most famous and known ones. I used Elise as a model and tried to create the same environment, similar lighting and vintage clothing for her to wear. Here it is:


Even though I liked the results, I could have explored more her personality in the photoshoot, and still resemble the original. I will try to do that on my next shoot. Some of the peers have done a more modern comparison to contrast the images, but I enjoy creating images with the analogue feel. My aim is to offer a different type of portraiture to the market, something more remarkable than the usual white background generic images of families and children.  But it is necessary to add a soul, the personality, the message that will create its originality.

Positions and Practice



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