Positions and Practice – Interdisciplinary Approaches

Photography walks along with other discuplines, one fusing or influencing the other. Of the disciplines mentioned this week there was a variety that goes from cinema, literature, games, psycology, paintings, sculptures, music, anymation, sociology, illustralions, science and the list goes on.

But when talking about my photography, what diciplines help me to create images, what influences my practice? As I have a background in literature and languages, literature and words have a space in my projects. During my production of my Drag Queens project, I asked for each one of them to produce a paragraph describing “What is to be a Drag Queen for them”.  During the exhibition I placed the comments with the portraits, and it was very interesting this combination. You could read the words of the sitter described how he felt to be a Drag Queen:


One example:

“Ru Jazzle

Drag is art. It is a form a self-expression and transformation through makeup, clothing, music, performance and concept.

Drag is punk. Drag shakes up society’s notions of gender, art and performance. It is not politically correct, and is visual terrorism.

Drag is Fun. It tells us to reject the ‘truths’ of society and existence and not to take life so seriously. Nothing is real. Everything is fake. I’M A MAN IN A WIG.”

The words caught the audience and added more information about the sitter in the portraits. But this project in particular was also influenced by painting, the posing on the portraits were mimicking a traditional painting pose, turned slightly to the side and facing away.  When discussing the images on the webminar, I was given the following names to investigate:

Diane Arbus

I love the work of Diane Arbus, went to an exhibition of her owrk a while ago, and is captivating. I guess her approach was slighly different, she is more somber and this darkness lurk around her work. I remember a famous Drag Queen image taken by her:


The photo captures something similar, a Drag or Transvestite smoking a cigarete, not exactly ready for going out, but with hair up, suggesting that she was getting ready for some event or activity.

Steve Tynan  

The Underpants series

Just like in my images, the sitter is photographed using his underwear. And it interesting to see the differend approaches and backgounds in which he is inserted. The woods, the warehouse, sitting on the floor, on the top of the bed. Some elements of his life are inserted in the images, so we can try to imagine where this person resides and the life style he lives. Very interesting to see the casualty that comes with them, together with the sincrony that they have to each other.

Cindy Sherman


Cindy Sherman uses conceptual art to create these staged self-portraits. They are produced in a studio and she discusses gender steriotypes, female roles and collective identity.  She is a post-modern artist and uses make-up, digital art, and even facial distorcion to create a “fake” effect. So here we can see influences of painting, digital art, illustration and sociology.

Peter Hugar


Peter Hugar photographs in black and white and different people from the New York scene. The posings are very interesting to me and I will revisit this material in the future. The variations and the locations chosen to photograph, together with the sense of intimacy.Positions and Practice

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