Positions and Practice – Thoughts about the MA

Diane-Arbus-1949Photograph of Arbus by Allan Arbus
(a film test), c. 1949 (Bad Referencing, soon to improve)

“Photography was a licence to go whenever I wanted and to do what I wanted to do.” – Diane Arbus

This is week four it was quite overwhelming to me. I have managed to catch up with most of the readings and webinars, and they really helped me with an overall view of the course, and oriented towards the work that I want to develop.

First of all, I have completed my BA in Translation/Interpreting in 2000. I call my BA “Vintage”. At that time, we used to do all the research in libraries, visiting different ones of them. We had a computer room just to write the assignments, I graduated without owning a personal computer, and no one had one. That was the norm. I used to stay many afternoons in the library studying, sometimes on my own, and after a while, I found some nerd like minds that would keep me company.

Photography came to me after when I was expecting my daughter, I then did HND Photography, which consists of 3 years of study. During this time, I rediscovered film and was involved in many areas, experimented in many areas and discovered myself as a photographer and artist. Now, I want to continue developing this side of my photography.

Times now are different. I have two children, one a girl (7), and a boy (2 1/2), and I recently had to get a part-time job to help me with the general expenses. Just at the beginning of this course I had to deal with a major complication in the family, I even thought about “freezing” the course for not having the right mental focus towards it. Since I felt that the problem was getting resolved, I decided to try to continue.

The material I watched and read recently were mind opening to me, answered questions that I had in my mind for a long time, fantastic!

The support Falmouth University provides is amazing.

I discovered the Study Hub and it resolved one of my great anxieties: I forgot how to do references. It’s been 18 years since my graduation, and I graduated in Brazil. The referencing is similar as I can see now, but I need to catch up when talking about academic skills.

I personally need more time available in my hands to do the assignments, and I will find a way to resolve this issue. I have just started my part-time job today, and it was great, as it is flexible, and I can choose my hours. But I need more room to my photography, so I can create and evolve without being in too much pressure. Being a mother and a creative productive person is a great challenge, mentally and physically.

Wish me good luck! Thank you for listening blog! I need to give you a name. Recently I have been reading the “Diary of Anne Frank” with my daughter, and Anne Frank calls her diary Kitty. I can call you by a name, so it means we are friends. What about … Barthes? Salgado? Diane? Vivian?

I will think about it and decide on the next post.

No, I will call you Diane, as she was also a mother of two, a creative person that enjoyed taking portraits. I think that she will empathise with me.

Have a good night.







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