Positions and Practice – Ethics on Visual Analysis


“Analysis reveals the person making the analysis – not really the piece itself” Lodge


One of the Six Perspectives when analysing an image, the Ethical perspective.

The Ethical philosophies.

I am going to make a summary of the 6 ethical values according to the Visual Analysis chapter.

First, the Golden rule is the ethics of reciprocity to “love your neighbour as yourself”. The second is Hedonism and stands from the Greek of pleasure, related to the principles of nihilism and narcissism. Opinions based on pure personal motivation.

The third, Golden Mean, means to find a middle ground without compromising the two sides. The fourth, Categorical Imperative, (Kant, 1804) means that it is unconditional and should be applied without question. This is hard to maintain, and it always should have a positive effect.

The fifth Utilitarianism states a difference between happiness and contentment, meaning that intellectual happiness is more important than the physical one. The sixth is the Veil of Ignorance, suggests that we should walk in the shoes of the other person. (1)

So where do I fit here? For my project to be true and honest, I need to involve some people that might not appreciate the storyline and even disagree. I haven’t studied ethics until now, and these concepts might take a while to develop on me. How to develop and describe, how to include them? I have all these questions in my mind, but I think I need to keep the project honest and true to my feelings, and unfortunately it will disappoint a few.

It is not about upsetting others, but about using photography as part of a “healing process”, so it has to stay true to the issues and memories. I have to learn how to separate the two things.


  • Visual Analysis chapter, Ethics

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