Positions and Practice – Week 7: Peer commissioned micro-project

Through the streets of Paris

Since I was going to be in Paris for the weekend, I was assigned a project in Paris. When reading about chance and Psychogeography I realise that it fits inside this project and that I should keep this idea more in mind, even for the bigger projects.

This was my first time im Paris since 2005, so a long time. I did not have memories of the streets, so I was “lost” most of the time or “walking in circles”, as read on the description about psychogeography. Here I documented my three days in Paris, starting with a sunny end of afternoon and ending with a wet and slow Sunday. I was registering my relationship to the place and somehow my emotions torwards it. Using slow speed more towards the end, I was feeling tired and trying to find a way home.

Taking pictures when travelling is really enjoyable for me, that’s when my eye is fresh and keen on trying to find the “decisive moments” around me, as described by Bresson. I walked around with my camera and shot all the way until the end, with the theme of streets and city in my head.

These are the images I resulted with, a very good complation of the busy weekend the city was having, with an international political agenda and art shows. I was asked for 10 images. I am posting the 10 images first, and at the end of the page, the other ones linked to this mini-project.






Here are the other images taken:






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