Week 1- Here, There, Anywhere


My project is based in portraits and people, with elements of identity and visual representation. Together with the portraits, both outdoors and indoors, I am starting to add less direct items, making use of daily objects and incorporating the daily life into the project.

The first outcome of the project was very direct photographs, I wish to make them subtler in order to create clues, rather than giving to much information to the viewer. In order to do this, I intent to remove names and history, to work more extensive with the people around me, making the project more fluent and natural.

Moreover, my intentions at the moment are to work in a more intuitive way, and to produce more natural images. Also, I am not comfortable with the way I previously used colours, I must change that. My work will be more monochromatic, except from the studio images. So, it will be divided into these two scenarios still. I intent to produce more combined images, in order to create more meaningful and coded images.

Also, I am developing and making a list of elements to consider for this next part of the project:

  • Include different age/generations;
  • To work with outdoor elements that represents where the person is based, and to use open and enclosed nature or manmade buildings, in order to represent loneliness (empty spaces), imprisonment (closed woods, small rooms), sadness and emptiness.
  • Photograph with the back facing the camera; and eyes closed. Work with the unconscious, illusion, with use of reflection, focus and upside-down images.
  • Organize these images in diferent cathegoriesç

In studio, I will be playing with stereotypes and composite images. To sum up, my work will be divided into 3 different cathegories at the moment. My aim is to use photography to explore feelings, representation and identity, using different locations and approaches.



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