Week 2 – Final Reflections

My practice as a photographer can be often seeing as constructed, and because I am going to be representing two different cultures, it might need an explanation alongside with it. I have to be attentive to the context in which I will be using it, as the connotations might not be read the same way in different countries. My project is changing into something more abstract and less direct, more suggestive and less objective.

Savedoff describes that photography is usually seen as more objective and less imaginative in comparison to paintings by most of us. (Savedoff, 2000, p.82) So it can be an exercise, even for the photographer itself, to interpret imaginative photographs accordingly and to feel freer to apply its own imagination and to use different ways to do so. Nowadays technology has been evolving very quickly surrounding the digital imaging market, therefore some photographers decide to explore and make use of these tools, instead as regarding photograph as an only valid form of art if originated in a traditional dark room.


Here I have done a study in faces using layers in Photoshop. I have mixed faces of family members, brother and sister, and the fact they are together as a family and share many aspects of their lives. I think the extension of the changes and the way photographers decide to do the story telling can differ, but at the end all images are constructed, even if they seem real and accurate. They are just built for different purposes.

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