Week 4 – Decoding and Intent of the work

This week we discussed Stuart Hall’s ways of decoding an image, and they are divided in three:  dominant, negotiated and oppositional.

I consider my work to have a negociated view, and at least I intent it to leave the message open to the viewer’s reading at the same time that I use metaphors and visual language to transmit an information. This way, it will reach different interpretations in different people.


Here we are looking away, not to the camera. While we are looking and appreciating the landscape, another message might be part of this metaphor. I choose to photograph looking away to represent the feeling of displacement and the landscapes to represent the loneliness, the fact that sometimes someone might feel alone and small.
I don’t want to portrait only negative feelings, but sometimes they feel true even if for a specific period of time. The power and strength also must be represented, the resilience that it takes to start a life again in a new place.



Here above I am starting a new group of portraits where I will be combining 2 images to create an image. I combined here a portrait of mine with a photo of a mummy that I took in the national galleries. I hear stories and get inspired by them as well, sometimes they are not my own experiences. Here I am trying to translate the feeling of social death and the difficulties someone has to integrate in certain societies.
This image will reach different spectators in different ways, and I like the fact that it negotiates with the viewer’s own culture and experiences.


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