Week 5 – Fascinating looks

Where is my gaze?


My gaze is in culture and in its circle, its shared meanings and in feelings, concepts and ideas. These meanings give us a sense of identity and on where we belong. My gaze is on people and the way they represent themselves, on the visual codes used to translate their systems of representation.

According to Stuart Hall, representation is formed using “language, signs images which stand to represent things.” (Hall, 01) I look at the world using my cultural and language background. I am a speaker of two languages and I am living in a second addopted culture. My original culture had diferent systems of representation and a diferent language to my current one, therefore I might interpret occasionally things in two different ways, from two points of view.

Photography could contribute to expose elements of a culture beyond stereotypes and to represent through images the feelings someone might feel when on the process of adopting this second culture. To learn the new system of representation at an older age and sometimes even to learn the language completely from scratch, without any previous extended contact. In this case, the readaptation is harder and it takes much longer.

My practice could be considered a form of voyeurism as I enjoy to go inside someone’s life and photograph them, not for sexual pleasure, but I enjoy to get to know them, their stories and the way they represent themselves.




HALL, Stuart and Jessica EVANS and Sean NIXON. 1997. Representation. Second Edition. London: Sage.


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