Week 6 – A Sea of Images

As discussed, some images represent a myth, rather than an event or celebration. The myth repeats itself online specially when discussing about family and images that we take when travelling.

What ordinary images do I make?

I consider what is called “ordinary” images, the daily life images. I was divided in this subject for a long time. Being part of a HND program, I once used to mix pictures of my family in the same analog film that I used to make some college work. I was then “warned” that I should keep them separate, as the college required to present the contact sheets as part of the submissions.

I then started separating them, and in certain way started treating them as less important than the other work I was producing. Now I am aware that it was a wrong approach to follow and that family pictures could as well be used as a fine art project. Because the college is more focused on getting students ready for the working market, I now realise that got in a certain way influenced by their point of view.

In 2016 I had finished the HND and decided to take a different approach and to use film to photograph my family. And I loved it. I now had the complete freedom and started experimenting with cameras. Therefore, using different formats I was able to construct a better material. My son was just born, so I continued to do so for more time.

I took so many pictures, but never had the appropriate time to work on them. This is my personal “sea of images”. These images were commemorative of an important moment, a day before my son was born. Here I was in pre-labour, having contractions already, and experimenting with a plastic Olympus camera that I purchased in the vintage shop for £7.

At the same time, I used my Fuji and the Iphone. Nowadays, I am using the Iphone to photograph my family most of the time for its convenience, but I starting to use my Fuji again. Because I grew up with film cameras, my brain still struggles to be creative using the phone came, but when I use a camera I switch it on and am more proactive on the creating process.

My audience while taking these images are myself and my children, I share some of the images online with friends and relatives, but these images are being taken to preserve the memories and celebrate moments. I am trying to raise my awareness and giving these images the same importance as the other work I produce, this way I will be able to create a more organized material that could aim to be in an exhibition or book in the future.

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