Week 10 – On studies

Student problems – Part 1


This is a big question. Being a mother of a 7-year-old daughter and a 3-year-old son, I have decided on this course because I could not find nothing similar nearby, and also the part-time status of it seemed at the time that it would be easier to follow than a full-time equivalent. I have never been so wrong! It has never been easy, on the contrary, it feels like a full-time course to me, only that I make my own hours as it is non-presential. Every week the content released seems mind-blowing, I have books to read, writing to do, I need to keep up with canvas and comment on other students’ material.

At the same time, I need to keep up with my house work, children’s education, including school, activities and other social events. Keep up with their homework and general development, keep all their clothes clean and available on the sizes they need at the moment. The cat also needs attention, food and cuddles, he likes studying with me. With all of these events going on, I am unable to work and, therefore, my husband works full-time. He helps at night with dinner and bed time activities now, but we struggled in the beginning with our relationship. My youngest goes to nursery 3 times a week at the moment, soon he will be three and I will be able to get more hours at the nursery.

I usually manage to keep everything going, but recently my younger got sick: a winter evil virus attacked him, and he was unprepared: we had three agonizing weeks, I fell sick together, maybe because my sleeping became even more deprived, it took me longer than normal to recover. My wee son gladly recovered and got back to his old happy “cutie” face, after taking antibiotics for the first time in his life. As a result, I have so much waiting for me, but I started again, back to the studies, back to the gym, back to life.

In moments like this, even though it feels lonely and isolating sometimes in being in such a course, if I was in a presential course, I would not have a chance to go back to the lessons, because they are not recorded. I could copy notebooks from other students and ask for advice. So, in my current life situation it suits because of its flexibility. I just have to find ways to be more in contact, to interact more, to be more proactive towards making relationships with the other students and to talk more to the tutors.

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