Week 11- Feedback and rethinking my work

Helik van Rynswoud, 2019

After some feedback from my peers and tutor, I have decided to stop doing experimenting with the landscapes part of my project. They already seemed out of place to me, it just doesn’t sit together with my portraits.

This would be good as a separate project, where I would explore nostalgia thought landscape photography, as Susan Sontag says “Nature has become a more subject for nostalgia and indignation than an objet for contemplation” (Sontag, pg.102).

Helik van Rynswoud, 2019

Following the same concept, I was also photographing in a more urban environment as well. I am removing these images as they also don’t fit and they are taking me away from my representation and identity theme. This will give me more focus on one style and I will be able to explore it more intensively.

Even though I wont be using these images as they are, I will continue to look around and shoot, as they can be used in my combination portraits. I can use part of a landscape, an urbanscape or other elements, such as rain, sun, skies, clouds when combining different photographs.

I am keeping a separate folder in Lightroom, where I sort and organize my photos, with these images, so when I am working with my portraits they are easy to access. I will also continue to take them, not as a main project, but as a side to keep feeding my Instagram account, as I am not ready to post my portraits there yet.

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