Week 11- The creation of a portrait

Helik van Rynswoud, 2019

“The visible world is no longer a reality and the unseen world no longer a dream” W.B.Yeats (From Ewing, Face. The New Photographic Portrait. page, 214)

This image received a good response from the peer review, as it is strong and works. It was created using two images: a self-portrait in a studio environment using some elements chosen for the subject in particular and also an image of a head of an Egyptian mummy. When I am walking around during the day with my son, I always keep my eyes opened on what could be used to combine two negatives in order to create a new image and this head caught my attention.

Here my inspiration has been the ancient Egypt and the theme of Death while you are alive. The Egyptians preserved the body because they believed it to go on to the afterlife, a place called “Land of two fields”. Here there is life, death and life again, just like with them: a duality that is exploring the death of something inside, that used to live there, and the continuity to the afterlife.

I decided then to explore this subject more and to create more portraits such as this. I will be looking into different elements of spirituality and ways to represent death, masquerade and representation.

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