Week 11- The use of social media as a tool

I would also like to talk about the second theme explored in the documentary, and that is the use of Instagram to share content and develop your business as a photographer. The story of Humza @Humzadeas is a very interesting one: a black young boy gets his hands on a camera and starts taking pictures climbing illegally to the top of bridges and other buildings. He has at the moment more than 300k of followers and, as a result, he was published and had an exhibition. Now he still makes his earnings through photography. His friend tried to copy the same strategy but ended up in prison for entering properties illegally.

The question now is how to use Instagram to leverage your business, and to help to create a public that interested in your work, maximizing the chance of getting work in such a competitive world? Some photographers are more interested in the intellectual aspect of photography, and I have also been doing that, but I have been thinking about my aims as an artist.

I have decided that I do want to make a name, and I am seeing Instagram as a possible tool that could help me to achieve something. Sometimes it just takes one person to spot your work, and then after you are published, an artist could go from zero to a more comfortable situation as a practitioner. For this to happen hard work is necessary, but also a little bit of luck to give you a push. As a result, I decided to continue posting my work on Instagram and to try to increase my audience.

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