Week 6 – Reprodution of images

“Postmodern culture is often characterised as an era of “hyper-representation”, in which reality itself begins to be experienced as an endless network of representations, and  certainly, we do experience this with the Mona Lisa. We may not have seen it ourselves, but we certainly recognise it in its many reproductions and re-presentations. (Mitchell, 1995, p.16)
Mona Lisa is one of the most recognizable paintings in the world and, due to this fact, many people get disappointed when seeing the original for the first time in the Louvre: its size is expected to be bigger, due to its importance and hyper-representation in the current culture.
The mass existence is a confirmation of its existence, and it means that the work of art is still relevant in the current culture.

Pop culture artist Andy Warhol produced his piece inspired by the first time the painted visited the United States. The fact that it was valued 2 million dolars it can be interpreted as having its own value, even thought it is in a way “stealing” the fame that the image already has. This phenomena happened again in the pop culture world, with Mr Brainwash and Madonna’s Celebration image:

His work and personality was controversy, but he became famous overnight and was heavly criticized. He had a personal relationship with Bansky and he is described to be his copycat. The documentary “Exit Through the Gift Shop” 2010 explores their relationship and the way he emerged into the art world.
So here is it imitation or creating? Or is this an alternative reality where both images can co-exist?

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