Week 11 – Maria Padilha and its multiple faces

Helik van Rynswoud, 2019

I have created a series of images trying to represent an entity in the Brazilian religion called Candomble. I was trying to capture the symbology behind it, but I think I got a little lost and overdid it. She is wears in black an red, red flowers are part of her symbolism.

I think I got too enthusiastic and lost focus on what my project is really about. I should use this elements to create the faceless portraits, to combine images. Here bellow are two ways in which the Orixas are normally portrayed: on the left, Maria Padilha, and on the right, Xango. Maria Padilha represents female strength, beauty and independence.

Bellow I was trying to use a slow shutter speed to create movement and a blurred effect. Bring elements of dance and music into the imagery.

Helik van Rynswoud, 2019

Above, on the first image, my aim was to hide the face, so I combined with another image, a still life that I took on the same session. I bought a bunch of red roses to use for the theme. Also, smoking and alcohol is used often and it is a connotation for impurity and to connect to their past. There are many names that relates to the Pomba Gira and Maria Padilha, and I think she is a very strong representation of the feminine force. According to one of the history that some tell, she used to live in Spain in the beginning of the century and used to run a brothel. She was a very strong woman, but never engaged in any relationship. Therefore, she wasn’t happy for being lonely, and played the violin when she wanted her sadness out. The laughter is a very strong element also.

Helik van Rynswoud, 2019

Here I am trying to represent its multiplicity, combining three images and using different blending modes and layers to create a final image.

As I mentioned before, I think I produced more than I should for this subject. I was experimenting and just couldn’t stop. Next time I need to have more focus on what I really need.

Helik van Rynswoud, 2019

My final and favorite image is this one, and for my project it is probably the one that most suit. I used again another Egyptian mask. After death, some used to paint their faces on the coffin. The painting was made on the wood itself, therefore the texture. I love the combinations of elements in this image and its mystery.

Helik van Rynswoud, 2019

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