Week 11- Mirrors and Portraits

“More penetrating than likeness, the Photograph sometimes makes appear what we never see in real face (or in a face reflected in the mirror): a genetic feature, the fragment of oneself or of a relative which comes from some ancestor.” “But this truth is not is not that of the individual, who remains irreducible; it is the truth of lineage.” (Barthes, Camera Lucida, page 103)

When working with the facede, either hiding it of showing it, they all have their purposes. My other portrait works with losing a face, and I will continue to do that, as sometimes losing it says more than revealing it. But also I started working with the idea of mirror and repetition, reflecting one fae, or combining/dividing in two faces, such as Frida Kahlo separated herself in her paintings.

Here I photographed a young woman whose biological fathers are from Africa. She was adopted and raised in the United Kingdom and, even though she was grew up in Scotland, she enjoys listening to African music and eating african food. She doesn’t know how to cook it herself, but she goes to the restaurants. She still feels connected with her biologial origins. And when you look at her, what does the photograph says? As Barths says, is shows the truth of lineage. After rethinking about this concept, I realised it would be a good idea as well to produce double portraits, such as siblings, and mirroring them. Or husband and wife, father and son, mother and daughter, as an example.

I have some people in mind and people that I know, this lady for an example I invited her for a portrait and she accepted, but I did not know her before. I am finding it harder this time to invite unknown people, they seem more reluctant. My previous project was easier, they were more keen, but maybe it is because it was a different scene. I have to rethink my strategies and once my gallery is better organised by the end of this block, I can use it to describe what I am doing. If I develop my communication skills, I am sure I will be able to attrack more sitters. Also, now I am becoming more confortable with where my project is going, and this confidence will show as well.

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