Week 0- Surfaces and Strategies – Upside Down – Holiday mini-project

As a response to the in-between term assignment, I decided to do a mini project on a weekend in Glasgow, and to transform it into a mini square book. It is an experience of a trip to Glagow’s Yardworks 2019.

I used a Crystal ball over the weekend, and the intention was to reflect on a “upside down” world. The retina sees the images upside down, and the brain corrects it so we can see heads up. Inside a camera, a mirror and a pentaprism are used to make sense to our eyes. Here I am reverting the correction, and the ball helps me to create this new effect and I use in different ways to reflect the world around me.

I decided to do something simple and small. Since I have used Blurb books before through Adobe Lightroom, I have decided to try the Blurb App to produce a small square book. I used my Iphone and the Crystal Ball to photograph, uploaded the images to Dropbox, selected and edited in desktop Lightroom. After that, exported to Dropbox and back they went to the smart phone, where I composed the book.

I enjoyed this unpretentious experience of producing a book, and now I have other ideas following the same concept. You can see the end result on the link bellow:


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