Week 1- Surfaces and Strategies – Review

During last block, I have experienced Repeat Photography when capturing myself in the mornings every day. I intend to continue and develop this concept. I also decided to develop a project with my family based on repeat photography, I just need to decide on the space and style that I am going to use. This is related to the concept of family and age. I regret not doing this before but, as I mentioned before, I was taught to separate my photography from my family and, therefore, I am just learning on how to integrate it on the core of my work. The Master’s program so far helped me to see photography with different eyes, and to broaden the possibilities and aims.

On the first week I finished reading the chapter 4 of Stuart Hall’s Representation: “The spectacle of the Other.” This was my personal reading challenge for the holidays, and I wrote two posts about it. I have interest in Representation and I never got a chance to use it for the last term’s essay. I found it very interesting the theories of representation, and Hall goes very deep on history thought different times, in this case concerning the representation of black people and its relation to colonialism and slavery. These writings are very relevant to other countries that share the same historical background.

Also, I finalized my interpretation of the Ed Ruscha challenge and sent a book to be printed. I photographed the Yardworks event, and as I was photographing other people’s art, the second week theme of reproduction came in at a good time for me. The event was very busy, and everyone was taking pictures with phones and cameras. Most of the people use the same approach to take the picture, in a way just to record and replicate the mural art, turning into a digital file. My aim was to document my experience at the event, and to reproduce in a different way, putting different elements together, such as involving the artist, public and materials.

Ed Ruscha 1968

Ed Ruscha is interested on the way the eyes see, and enjoys the “left to right thing”, such as in the Hollywood image. Instead of “Left to right”, I went to upside down, playing with the “upside and downside things”. I also found it very interesting to play with what I could say “alternative lens”: the crystal ball.

Upside Down, Helik van Rynswoud, 2019


I enjoyed photographing, editing and sending it to print and I admit that keeping simple helped me on the processed. I did not have a ton of images to process, the uploading was straight forward and, because I shot on the phone, the files were relatively light and fast to process.

Repeat photography can continue to help me on the identity discussion, on what is expected and how we choose to represent as ourselves to the wold. Also, it can in a long-term, it can record time and ageing, family/genetic similarities and changes in culture. My practice will continue to explore self-image together with representation, and I aim to explore more the writings of Stuart Hall about the subject for this next term. The methodology that I use involves creation of characters, where I can use myself to photograph, and others as well to represent an idea.

Moreover, I am constantly photographing objects and items when I feel that they have potential to use in a composite image. After the break and the holiday challenge, I need to focus again on the continuation of my project and on the development of concepts.

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