Week 2- Strategies of Mediation

On immediacy and hypermediace

This week started with the theme of mediation and the first subject was to identify if your work is about immediacy or hypermediace. The first means that attention is focused on the subject, not on the format. The second, more attention is paid to the format, being the frame, the medium is more relevant and important.

My work is mainly about immediacy, but occasionally I also pay attention to the medium, in my practise it means to work with analogue photography. The result, in this case, will be immediately identified as if it was taken using an analogue camera, it will carry imperfections and it will be mainly in black and white.

On Appropriation and Remixing

We all seek inspiration on other’s work, and sometimes it is something we once saw and it was kept in the mind, but consciously we do not recall the origin of it. I have always tried to play same and source all my images myself. I don’t usually reveal the origins of the images; at the moment I keep them secret. For an example, on the image bellow, I photographed an Egyptian mummy being displayed in one of our local galleries and mixed with one of my portraits using Photoshop and a Wacom tablet. (See image 1)

Image 1 – Helik van Rynswoud

When I am out, I keep looking for potential images, specially the art galleries give me a great source of skeletons, animals and other material that could be explored. I photograph using either my camera, if I have it with me, or my phone. I pay attention on the levels of distortion and angels, I try to image how I would mix it up, using one side or frontal, and I also pay attention on how the local light is falling on the object. (See image 2)

Image 2

Recently I used the method of remixing using other people’s art. I modified it as a way to transform it in to my art and the question of copyrights came into my mind, but I thought that, as it was modified, it was ok. (See image 3)

Image 3 – Helik van Rynswoud, Yardworks 2019

This was the first time that I risked myself out of my art and mixed my photography and ideas with the paintings of these artists. I included them, their art, and other elements in order to create an original image.

Now, after week 2, I understand that it depends, as the “Working Class Hero” modification got in trouble initially with the law, but then forgiven and subject to charge of fees on future presentations. It will depend on the artist but following common sense may be the key here to stay out of trouble.

Having this in mind it can open horizons and expand the capacity that my photography can reach. I also was very surprised on the idea of erasing a drawing to create something unique by Robert Ruschenberg: the act of destruction and deconstruction can also create something original.

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