Week 9 – Surfaces and Strategies- Image Remake

For this activity, we were supposed to revisit an image over time and try to remake an interpretation of it. I chose a Polaroid image of my daughter. Originally made in a Fuji Insta-wide that I purchased in one charity shop for 5 pounds, it shows her laying in the sofa, resting and looking bored.

 During my last trip my camera had a fall and broke, so I made a remake using my new square format Polaroid. The result was not the same; it looks slightly darker that the original and my daughter is 1 year older roughly. Here my aim was to get her in the same position of her one year older.  I am going to use this approach to revisit again in my project when visiting Brazil, I will try to do a remake and revisit same places to see changes.

She did not have the same dress anymore, so I had to get a new one in H&M. It was quite similar, just the new launch of summer clothes of the shop. I also did not have the same doll anymore, so I just found something similar.

Because of my trip, and the preparations to it, I failed to post on Canvas some of my work. Now that I reached my final destination, I will try to keep up and I am posting here instead. I am just having trouble to produce a video, as I don’t usually do videos. I am a little stuck with the video, but I will try to record something dusing the week and leave my confort zone.

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