Week 4 – Surfaces and Strategies- Hands off

Due to my trip, I was late to post on the Canvas discussion page. But I have been thinking and read the discussions about the “Hands off” theme. The main one that I think is the sun impressions that we see when the clouds leave the skies.

Just as photos, the impression is also temporary, but it lasts long enough to get out attention. Here it was a sunset and this image was created by the sun and it was against the wall at the back of my flat.

What is on the other side? Does it look like a sword, a cross, what else? For me, it resemled imediately a sword, but it is actually a shave of a pole to hang clothes. Today I saw a shade of a papaya tree in front of the house in Brazil. It is gone now, but it lasted and was there for a period of time. I also tried to leave a paper with a pair of scisours at the sun. At the end of the day, I could see that the paper was slightly discolored where the sun was exposed, but it needed a stronger sunshine to leave a more noticeable mark on it.

I also thought of medicine machines, such as r-rays and baby ultrasound scanners, bur they are operated by humans on the other end.

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