Week 4 – Strategies of freedom

My practice is about being honest about my reality and turning it into images, a compilation of signals that together will speak about me and the others around me. As discussed last week, due to the personal nature of my work, the involvement of others could be beneficial to the project.

The freedom in my practice comes from not from the rejection of the apparatus, but from possibilities to always work with different cameras, and I would like also to explore, in the future, with different outputs. As seen this week, post-photography is an area that I am yet to explore during the MA, and I am really excited about it. It is usually an unseen part of photography in a general way, and I found the topic very interesting.

I have experienced with cyanotypes previously and other post-photography processes in the dark room, such as selenium, sepia and blue toning. I remember the amount of trials before reaching a final print. I have tried also Wet plate collodion, and because I have a limitation of time, I resulted with only one or two final plates with an image. It was hard to find the exposure time and I used a Holga as the medium for the plates, which were tailored cut to fit the camera.

The apparatus that I use involve a Polaroid camera, a Fuji digital and a 35mm Film Pentax. As for software, I happen to privilege Adobe and its products, as the package provides Lightroom, Photoshop and the website maker.  When using polaroid, I just scan, but with the film, because I send it away to process and do not have a dark room at the moment, I scan the negatives and post-process in Lightroom generally.  As I am travelling in Brazil at the moment, I prefer to take smaller and more compact cameras, apparatus that looks less expensive to the general public. Doing this, less attention is attracted, avowing being robbed that is my aim. Therefore, I have decided to leave my medium format behind. Another reason is that, when travelling with cameras and two children, the more compact, the better. I try to avoid tripods also for the same reason.

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