Week 5 – Surfaces and Strategies – Road Map

Two weeks ago I wrote a road map as recommended, but now I can see that I underestimated the time and availability that I had in my hands. With the course running during school holidays, I was left with two children, their father away for most of the time, and relatives and friends to meet and catch up.

I am visiting my parents in Brazil at the moment, and I have been photographing since my arrival. For this trip I have decided to use a 35mm camera, a Polaroid and a Fuji digital camera. Last week was when I realised that I would not have time to process and edit the film when back to Scotland, therefore I went to a couple of Photo shops and enquired about black and white film development.

The owner of one of the shops recommended a friend that “used to do it”, but it turned out that he has now retired. The second recommendation was to contact the Communication’s department of the local university Unifran, because they have a dark room and process films and make prints. I looked online and couldn’t reach the department but, and at this point, I decided to ask one of my old friends about the local Art/Photographic scene. He not only knew Betão, who works at Unifran’s lab, but also Leandro, a photographer who works and develops black and white films.

Apparently, there is a local underground scene that works with film and even analog moving images. This scene happens behind all the photo shops that specialise and children and wedding photography, industrial photography is quite strong here also, as shoe making is one of the strongest businesses in the city of Franca.

I will talk more about Leandro on a following post, but he accepted to help me with the film. My initial road map has changed dramatically, now I am going to write a new one, which I will add and talk about it in a different post.

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