Week 7 – Surfaces and Strategies – Collaboration

Leandro by Helik van Rynswoud, 2019

After many years, I met Leandro again, but this time as a photographer. We used to have the same group of friends as teenagers, from one rock and roll concert to another, so it was a great pleasure to reencounter him in this new shared scenario as photographers. He has built a dark room at the back of his house, where he can develop films and print his own material. We share the passion for black and white photography and the use of film to represent ourselves. He took responsibility over my films, and I am very grateful and happy with his work.

After living in various locations in Brazil during the last years, he has built a wide variety of visual material, check his website for more information: www. leorey.com.br

The great thing about meeting other photographers is that we always learn with each other, and it is great to have another person to share ideas and to collaborate. Before meeting him, I was already shooting in film, as I wasn’t sure if I would be able to develop all my films in time. Therefore, I have a couple of colour films on the way to the laboratory as well.

Next post I will talk more about the strategies that I have been using to photograph and where they are taking me.

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