Week 8 – Surfaces and Strategies – On Strategies and Production

Helik van Rynswoud, 2015

My strategy is to photograph in every occasion, to always be with a camera in my hands, either the digital, the film, the Polaroid or even the Iphone. I prefer when in Brazil to use the film camera, as it feels more rustic, and it connects me better to my work.

These images above are from other trips, and very time I come back for a visit, I use the same tools and try to connect the new material to the old, providing it continuity. As Brazil relates to my origins and feelings of belonging and nostalgia, I don’t expect myself to ever stop photographing when here. I will never stop photographing and creating anywhere, let alone when travelling here.

I try to use a creative approach close to photojornalism and fine art. I occasionally combine images, produce double exposures. I am also, this time, giving the camera to my father, my mother, and even the children to photograph. This collaboration approach I have been using for the first time and need time to develop it, as I occasionally forget, but I find it very satisfying to involve more muy family and my children in the process of image making.

The children particularlly enjoy the Polaroid:

Elise van Rynswoud, 2019

These images aove were taken by my daughter, and yesterday her 7 year old friend also used another pack of paper. As the Polaroid camera is easy to use, light for little hands, and the photo comes out straight away: it works perfectly for them. I have tried before to give an old camera to my daughter, she showed no interest. When using the phone I try to incentivate her to take pictures, but she is only interested in recording videos with the smart phone. Now, with the instant camera, the quicky relate to the process and have a great time.

This collaboration approach is a concept that I am still getting used to and developing ways to do it, but it is definitely an idea worth exploring more, either here in Brazil or in Scotland. It helps the image making to become more fluid and honest, specially when dealing with personal themes such as mine.

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