Week 7- Oxfam and Global Warming


The subject of Global warming emerged recently and yet the actions are happening to slow to stop it. I arrived late for this exercise unfortunately, but I am willing to do my part independently. This is a responsibility of every citizen and, as a photographer, I think I can help.

As an example, if you make children aware, the parents will become more aware as well. So, I came up with the idea to create a project in the school where my daughter study to discuss the issue of global warming. I have already sent a proposal to the president of the Parents Committee to ask for advise and to see if she would agree to go ahead with the plan. She reply saying that it is possible, but in January, as the school is now very busy preparing for the Christmas activities.

My initial idea is to create workshops with the children and to discuss the issue, the parents would be informed as well by a letter. The children would engage on creating a poster as a result and to discuss what they could do every day to reduce their footprint.

I would photograph them during the process and at the end with their posters. But this would need help from the parents and the school would have to authorize the workshops to take place. The children would create a piece of art and influence their parents on their decision making.

Lets hope that this could go ahead, it would be something fun to do in January. The hashatgs could be #oneactionaday #doittoday #kidsinvolved

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