Week 7 – Website creation and editing


Helik van Rynswoud. Landscape, Germany

This week I spent time building my website. I feel that I can edit forever my website, and that it is a non ending process. I am not an expert in this language, so I hire Adobe Portfolio, that comes together with my Photographer package.

I am happier now with the results and glad that I finally done it, now I can share it with more confidence. But, even tough, being realistic, it would look more professional if I had help from someone that understands better about links, fonts and the whole concept.

Therefore I have decided that in a few months, when my material is more established, I will hire a professional to do the final touches, because this is so far I can go at the moment. Moreover, I always feel content when looking at my old images, I remember the moments, so maybe I am too biased to choose everything, and a second opinion could be essential. So, I think that always helps to ask for advise, and it doesn’t hurt.

I was having trouble importing one gallery from another website, but I found out that, by uploading into Behance, I would connect to the new website. After the upload, I could not see it on the list, so I had to disable and enable it again. After doing that, the gallery became available.

Doing this, I avoided having to upload one image at a time, and this would take me a substantial amount of time. I am happy that I solved the puzzle. For me, website editing is constant, so I have to just stop myself after a time, otherwise I would miss too much time when I could have been doing something more important.

To conclude, I think today it is essential to have a website, and I will in the future have another one towards more commercial material, leaving this one dedicated to my art oriented photographic material.

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