Week 9- Social media and Instagram

Helik van Rynswoud, 2018


I have always enjoyed Instagram. It is my favorite social media tool. I am not a particular fan of Facebook, probably my least liked and I have always had trouble being active on Twitter. I understand that Twitter is important as well in the creative industries, so this week I have connected it to my Instagram, so the post are transmitted directly. This way, I don’t have to physically post in two places, or three.

Here are my other accounts:


Twitter: @helikvr

It is also overwhelming to post in so many places, to work on the website, to engage. So I will focus on Instagram for the moment, and as it is connected to Facebook and Twitter. Posting online kept me going doing my photography after my son was born, as I decided to breastfeed, and it worked well fortunately, and to stay with him full-time for the first year at least.

I have experimented with different styles, like using frames from other apps, such as Instasize, back in the earlier days I have done the “One photo a day” challenge, and build up numbers to 5000. Posting regularly, following people that are relevant to my subject: photography, black and white, analog, Scotland admirers, local community and managing the account.

I manage the account using the app “Followers”. I have purchased the app to be able to have more control. There i can clean up, see if someone blocked me, unfollow, follow. One of my friends did help me explaining how to work better on Instagram, as he works with media management at the moment. With him I learned to read the statistics and the best days for me to post. I see this Instagram account as a business tool, and I have another account for my personal material.

Instagram is also a platform where I can express myself and share material that are not related to university. My aim now is to increase visibility, more followers, and to connect with other creatives that are relevant to my practice. I am also trying to connect more to the audience and to talk more about the process of creation.

But, at the same time, I don’t want it to be aimed to a certain group of people, I want it to be open and free, reaching different ages and audiences. This is the reason I want it to be bigger and have more numbers, to reach more people.

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