Week 10 – The best Camera

Which camera to use?

While the subject of cameras has already been discussed before, when choosing my equipment is always an answer to the following questions:

1- Is is suitable for the project? (Size, easy to carry around?)

2- End results, does it suit the aesthetics I am looking for?

3- Can I afford it? (To pay for film development and scanning, as an example.)

4- Time. Does it suit the time I have in my hands for the project?

In this case, the best camera is the one I have in my hands. But, with that in mind, this project is about something familiar and the equipment used should resonate that. I grew up in the 80’s where film cameras were used to capture our moments, often with dust and imperfections, such as distortion, lack of sharpness/focus, vignette, occasional light leaks.

I have used so far: 2 Fuji Polaroids, digital Fujifilm, Pentax 35mm, Plastic camera with film and flash and my Iphone. I decided to be brave and use my phone for the first time in a project. I am still experimenting with it, but, so far, happy with 50% of it. I need to retrain my brain so I can shoot with my phone with more confidence. Smart phones just came into my live in 2006, only 13 years ago, and for this reason I have problems relying on it.

My new phone is of a newer model and its images are better, larger files, but they come as JPG. There is an app that shoots in RAW, I still need to learn how to use that. In photography anything is acceptable, due to its ubiquitous nature. There are courses online that discusses only mobile photography, teaching people photography but focusing on how to use the smart phones to produce good images.

In my subconscious mind, smart phones are still only phones, and they are not yet aware that we have in out hands today a mini-laptop, and with 2/3 lenses cameras. I need to allow myself to give power to it, in order to take better images with it. Maybe it would be a good idea to do a mini project just using the Iphone.

But, going back to the aesthetics I was looking for, the Iphone and the Fuji digital produce sharper images, I work on the post-production with Analog Efex Pro 2 to change slightly the colors and to add more grain, so it matches the other material. My purpose is not to make super sharp images, but to allow “imperfections”.

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