Week 10- WIP- Work in Progress

Helik van Rynswoud, circa 2017

This week I have been working on the material I have produced so far. I have always taken pictures of my family, but not at this level. During the troublesome times, I kept shooting, with film, digital, polaroid and mobile phone.

It feels to me that something is missing in my collection. It feels effortless, so I have decided to put more effort into it. I have decided to work with colors this time, so most of the images will be in color. There are a few in black and white tough, it is difficult to escape from them. I have collected these images during the semester, and now I am trying to put them together to see the bigger picture: what is “too much”, what is missing, what is the message?

The purpose was to continue what I had done in Brazil, images of the close ones, the world around me, my “other home”. What I have at the moment is very “watery”, it has not reached the right consistency yet. Question is, will I do that in time? I have been thinking and decided to apply for an extension. There isn’t a guarantee that I will get it, but it does not hurt to try.

So my theme is home, house, family, and people around me. I have been doing in a quite candid way, but I am not completely comfortable with it, so I have decided to take it to the next level. My studio equipment moved from the spare room to my lounge, and there I am adapting it so I can use it as a studio space also. In a way, it is better than the “spare room”, that turned into my daughter’s bedroom now, because it has more room and length to photograph someone. I had to remove furniture and I am currently painting the wall so that I can also use it as a background.

At the top of this wall, I am installing a backdrop system, so I can put down when needed in an easy and straightforward way. The wall will be ready by the weekend and the system only in 2 weeks’ time, but meanwhile, I can use the backdrop support that I possess. Since it is Chrismas time, I am going to invite people around me for portraits, so I take one for them as a payment, and do another one for me. This way we are all even.

I think these portraits will give the “punch” that my material needs, and it will make things clearer and more professional. Good luck to me! I am feeling positive about this and tomorrow I have arranged a babysitter so that I can attend the meeting with Cemre in the afternoon, as it is “in service” day at the schools and the children will be home!

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