Week 11- On being Brutal to myself

I finally put my work together, a draft of it, and presented to my assigned tutor last week. Cemre pointed that I, again, was having problems during the post-production process and having difficulties editing my work. I am aware that I have always had this difficulties, but the question is how to address that, how to get better and avoid flooding myself with images again.

So I have decided to study the work of other photographer to see their approach. Here is one example:


Her work is always about family and her relationship with them and with herself. She photographs her parents, her children and herself. It is an analysis of childhood and her own ageing process. She photographs moments, the running nose of the child as an exemplum, as an interpretation of childhood and the things that every child goes through. Light tones, skin as background and close ups, turning out attention to the one thing only she want to talk about.

Looking at myself again, I have been cleaning the rooms in my house recently, and just today I have found a box full of empty camera gear boxes inside. My flat is spacious, but storage is limited and items like this just bulks the room up. I am trying to be brutal with my house as well, as I think that the origin of this problem is probably my own personality and the fear of loosing something, missing something if I discard them, even not being important, such as the boxes, but they are related to something that is important to me, which is my camera.

So, from now on, I need to see things differently. Such as the camera, which definitely I will keep, but I don’t need to keep all the lenses, flashes and triggers empty boxes in my cupboard. Therefore, that image of my daughter which would fit well a family album, does not have room on my main desk. I have to work on separating what is important and what is not.

What is important now is to keep an eye close to intimacy and human narratives, so I need to create a more intense closeness. The use of close ups works well in this type of work, and I haven’t used this approach so far. So, I will try to implement more close ups and details.

And then, about my personality and past, maybe being brought up in a much simpler world in a countryside city in Brazil, I did not have as much as I have now. It could be my unconscious thinking that is important to keep these boxes, as the item that I have just purchased is very precious to me. And the same work for the images. I am now going to send my unconscious mind for a walk in the Bahamas!

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