Week 11- On Kinderwunsch

On Kinderwunsch, by Ana Casas Broda


From the German:

NOUN   der Kinderwunsch | die Kinderwünsche Kinderwunsch {m}
wish to have children
desire to have children
wish for child biol.psych.
women wishing to become pregnant
Source: https://www.dict.cc/german-english/Kinderwunsch.html

Ana Casas Broda does a more “on the face”, open analysis of motherhood. I relate more to her style and approach. I took pictures of myself pregnant, but never posted on my Instagram, because a while ago someone told me to keep my personal pictures away from my professional ones. So, for a long time, I kept my family photos separately and they are still stored in my cupboard. This is another holiday project, to organize my old negatives in folders and get the prints out of the envelopes.

Now I am learning how to work with my family pictures for the first time, to select the most meaningful ones in order to create a body of work that makes sense. In the beginning, I felt as if I was doing something wrong, not being professional enough, but I need to free my mind to do more and improve.

This is very exciting because it could mean a great change for my work, both on aesthetics and also on the way I communicate. Ana Casas Broda uses photography to talk about motherhood in a direct and honest way, so she analyses her own experiences and photographs her children and herself in a home scenario. The struggles, the fatigue, the toilet roll play.

Self-analyzing the body of work that I have at the moment, I need to be more aware of the situations in which the photos would communicate better, using more visual aids to help to transmit the message and still, keep it honest and clear. I am reediting and seeking another feedback on Friday afternoon.

Helik van Rynswoud, Luca’s Pregnancy, 2016

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