Week 11- On marketing yourself

The next 10 weeks challenge

Helik van Rynswoud, winter 2019

During the next 10 weeks, I intend to continue working on the subject of “Family, intimacy and human narratives”. Following my studies and portfolio feedback, I am focusing on emotions, on the analysis of the dynamics of relationships and self-portraiture.

Some of my previous material has never been posted online, so I will show it on Instagram and continue working towards raising interactions and exposure. 10 k in 6 months is my aim. Connecting more, sharing for others, participating more instead of just being an spectator.

It would be a good idea for me to produce a PDF portfolio presentation and to investigate, at my local market to start with, venues and events where I could be working with or exhibiting/collaborating. After this investigation, I could make appointments and try something new. I have a friend that works with paintings and is exhibiting now at the end of the year, I am going to arrange a coffee with her and ask for advise, since she graduated a while ago and has been doing this for longer in my area.

This way, I could raise my profile in the photography industry to be able to obtain money/work in the future. I also have to organize an exhibition for my Brazil material, raising my profile in the local community, since I have been asked before, just need to put into action.

My motto is one step at a time, stay positive and work hard. Things will eventually flow as it is the natural progression.

Instagram: @helikvr, follow me!

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