Final Major Project – Welcome back

van Rynswoud, 2020

The end of last year was quite hectic, I had a hard time to deliver all the work in time, but I made it! And here I am : it was not perfect and I wish I could have enjoyed the course more than I did. But I have to forgive myself also because it was a hard semester for me.

Now, a new road is ahead of me: the Final Major Project. On Tuesday I had a meeting with my supervisor Wendy McMurdo and I was so happy to meet her, and she already made the right questions and pointed on how I have to improve.

The first task was to create a Pecha Kucha video: 20 images and 20 seconds for each of them. I used the Powerpoint to create the video, narrated on the top and posted on Youtube. It was the first time talking about my practice after a while, I felt rusty and not prepared enough. After presenting the video to Wendy, I was given feedback and some names look and study that are relevant to my theme. Some I already knew from previous research, such as Susan Bright and the Home Truth’s project: Elinor Carucci, Eleni Brotherus, Ana Casas Broda and Janine Antoni.

It has been a long journey, some obstacles, but I am glad to still be here and able to continue towards the Final Project. I am feeling the pressure, as there is not much time to make decisions and soon I will have to write the project proposal and to start producing work. I have been thinking about which way I turn to now, what to change and what to keep.

The idea that I will develop will include the heart and foundation of my previous two blocks, but now I have to use my head alongside and make my work sharper, more adequate for the current market and coherent to current practices. I think that bringing these two things together will make a difference.

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