Week 4- MA Final Project – Overview of Proposal

Today I am doing an overview of the proposal and the feedback that I received. Good news is that I passed with 60 points, and managed to deliver it in time, so I will not get my grade caped at the end.

One of the main points discussed during the feedback is that my proposal was a little vague on how I am going to execute and what it is going to be about. I mentioned that I would like to work with other people, photographing other parents and families around me. And I did not mention the format I am going to use.

Therefore, I have decided to focus mainly on photographing families, portraits of families living in my local community. This is time to go out, explore and photograph people. The photographer Hans Eijkolboom was mentioned, as he used to knock on people’s house and used to photograph himself with the mother and children. This is a straight forward project, it sounds fun to me, and I can see myself knocking on people’s doors.

But, initially, I will start with people and families that I know. I will get the feel, the experience, and then I will progress to photograph people that I do not know. I want to include Brazilians, of course, but I do not want to limit myself to that only, as I aim to create a diverse work.

Hans Eijkolboom

The project has to be serious, I need to be careful with how I photograph them, use appropriate equipment, but I also need to be comfortable and connect with these people, so I have to also be not too serious at the same time.

Trish Morrisey works with the “notion of borders, boundaries and the edge, using the family group and the beach setting as metaphors” (http://trishmorrissey.com/works_pages/work-front/statement.html).

Trish Morrisey

The two photographers above place themselves in families of strangers, he poses as the father, and she as the mother. I have to think it this approach could work for me, but initially I only see myself photographing them. But, on the other hand, I can place myself as a wife, granddaughter, daughter, in a way representing the family that I do not have living close to me.

Nowadays, with the Brexit happening under our doors, it is a good time to explore the notion of borders that some have, are they harsh, or soft, or fluid? Many families are afraid of being displaced due to the new politics, as Europeans will have a harder time to immigrate to the UK, or vice-versa. Another point is that I want to work with my community, and this will be the beginning of that.

Another example is Tom Hunter:

Tom Hunter

Here he photographs people of Hackney, in his neighbourhood. I need to decide on style and light, on how I am going to connect these images. Initially I am going to go for a more straightforward style, inside the homes and using the house as a background. The house will speak and give information about that person.

Just as Hans, from the image above, it can be in a sitting position of standing up. I will bring over a soft box with a flash light, in order to create detail and quality into the image. I do not want to depend on the use of natural light at the moment, as usually the light in Scotland is very low, inside the homes, and unpredictable now during spring time.

Arpita Shah

And the last example, Arpita Shah, she has done something similar to what I have in mind. So, how will I differentiate myself? On Portrait of home, she photographed people living in Scotland that also had roots in commonwealth countries (http://arpitashah.com/Portrait-of-Home).

So, where the focus will be: it could be local community, Brazilian community, latin, european. Or should I focus on Glasgow on itself, the city and its habitants? The photographer above used natural light only, which I have decided to avoid.

I am going to do a shoot with the two, with and without lights, and them compare the results. From there, I am going to decide how I will execute the photographs.

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