Falmouth F-2-F 2020

I am very glad to have made this time to the event in Falmouth University. Even though I live in the UK, travel to Falmouth may take very long hours even if you fly. There is an airport nearby, but the fees are very high, and for this reason I could not participate last year.

A few months ago a purchased a new car, more reliable than my older one, and I have decided to go driving this time. This way I could organise my own travel times and have more flexibility. I have booked the hotel a while ago, so on the Monday I just got my bags, cameras, packed the car. Put fuel and checked the tyres, all ok, and started driving. I have to admit I had my heart in my “hands”, as I left my home and my family behind.

So, after 7 hours driving I started to feel very tired. It was a hard trip, as it rained all the time and the road was quite busy, with many trucks. I stopped in Bristol for the night. Next morning, another 3 hours and I arrived Falmouth! The Symposium would just start on the next morning, so I just relaxed and prepared myself for the busy days to come.

Tuesday morning I went the campus in the morning for the welcoming talk and film processing and printing workshops with Paul Clements. It was very exciting to get to know the tutors and the facilities of the university. I used to do film processing and printing a while ago, so this day was perfect to get my skills back, we all had a great time in the darkroom and Paul was very helpful and friendly to all.

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