FMP – Changing the proposal

Very quickly after coming back from Falmouth out situation changed. My son had symptoms of the virus and we stayed at the home from Monday onwards. I have then, after having the darkroom refresher with Paul and Jesse’s comments, decided to work with film and traditional processes again.

I just needed to reactivate my darkroom and buy a few items: a new light bulb for the enlarger, a 75ml enlarger lens for printing medium format, a new thermometer, paper and chemicals (film developer, paper developer and fixer). I ordered the chemicals on amazon, and then heard about amazon having shut in USA, so I did a quick trip to my local photography shop to get the rest. I even got a very cool magnifier to help me when choosing the images.

I am still waiting for the 75ml lens and light bulb, as I ordered them on eBay, hopefully soon I will have them. But today I did a walk around he block, because my daughter was loosing her mind in the house, and took my camera with me. On the way back, prepared all the chemicals and developed my first negative. I found that I am still getting used to it again and struggled a little with the film in the darkroom.

But soon I will be running this in a more smooth way, and things will get easier. I think this will also keep me occupied so I don’t go mad during these complicated confined times. I can focus on the photography processes, go in the darkroom, develop, print my own images, keep on with my work.

I used to do this quite often, but after I got pregnant with my second son I stopped for safety reasons. Now that he is big enough, I feel more confident and safer to go back into it. Also, today was the first time I had to mix the chemicals, as I always used them in a already mixed formula. It was much easier that I thought it would be, and I am very happy with the results.

I am now going to continue to work with my family and exploring relationships, human narratives and the difficult times we are all going through.

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