Friday – Critiques

On Friday I decided to stay for 3 critiques: in the morning with Jesse and in the afternoon with Cemre and Wendy, and then Steph and Clare. I enjoyed them, it is great to hear and see the work of other people, and the implications they are going through. Just to hear the terminology, to get myself more used to how artists discuss their work, and on the ways the tutors analyse and advise, it was wonderful to participate in all of them.

Wendy, my current supervisor, could not make it as her flight was cancelled because of the current corona virus situation, so enjoyed all the comments and used the moment to ask on advice on how to improve my editing skills. I know that they need improvement, and looking back now, from the beginning of my journey, it has never been my strongest point.

I am going to be positive and work on this issue. Also, I realise that it is always good to get help when editing, and ask for other’s opinion. I finished my day at the conference room, it was good to be there in person this time. Just to see the facilities of the university, the canteen, library, student bar, these places that will never be part of my experience as a flexible student.

I went back to the hotel to get ready for the pub quiz, and it was great fun. That was when I said my good buys to everyone, as I had decided to head back to Glasgow next day in the morning, and it was the correct decision. My trip back was 9 hours this time, as the roads were quieter, and it was great to come back safe and to see my family at home.

I knew I would be coming back to problematic times, and my son was ill Monday morning with a dry cough, my daughter with a sore tummy. And that was us, stuck in the house for an unknown amount of time. I am glad I had a free, fun and informative week, before confinement.

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