Thursday – Pop-up Exhibition

I was very excited about this event that I had booked for. The previous night I spent on my laptop working on my images and trying to eat a not very pleasant pot of instant noodles. Next morning, I woke up at 5 am to send the files to be printed in the Falmouth printing lab, located on the photography building, so I had to select the “same day” option and went to the lab first thing in the morning and asked if he could do as soon as possible. He was helpful, as I explained my situation, and he told me to come back in 15 minutes. When I got the prints, they were literally still warm!

I then met Cemre, the facilitator and my previous module tutor, and my colleagues. I new some faces, other I got to meet at the site. We spent the morning talking and sharing our work, selecting what would go to the walls and what would be removed. I, because my subject is very intimate, had 4 images of my daughter and son. 2 of them were voted out, and it was very hard to me to lose some images. I know I am trying to see them as a representation of them, and not “them” themselves, trying to retrain my brain so I can get better with my editing skills.

So, the day went onwards, and so did the jokes. “Killing babies”, meaning my literal babies, and our photos as babies also. After the selection was made, we realised that there was not enough time to print in the sizes we were planning, so there was a change of plans. They would all be printed in the same size, A3s, and some images would be printed more then once, so they could be repeated and would look bigger as a final result.

Prints back, I went with another colleague to get material, that would be blue tack and scissors, and when back we started working to put everything up on the walls. Very quickly it started to have this proper exhibition feel in the room, and I was surprised how it happened so quickly. We had to make quick decisions, improvise and use imagination to make it happen, and it did.

By 7pm we were back, and some of other colleagues and tutors came to have a look around and appreciate our work. It was a such valued experience, as I usually see an exhibition as something that takes months to prepare, and this put me more at ease, as it is an event that can be done more informally, without also having to spend a fortune. At the end, it is about sharing your work with an audience.

It was interesting to also work with people at different levels of the course, and I could realise how far I have gone now. I could see myself when I was in the first module positions and practice, in some of my colleagues at that same level, and on how my vision have changed since then. Every module and level is to be respected, they are part of the learning process, and now it feels to me that it is all “coming together”.

This trip helped me immensely specially after working with Cemre, that has experience on the same subject that I am working on. It is very helpful to receive feedback and help from an artist that has interest on the same areas as you are specialising at the moment, and I felt very positive and hopeful for the outcomes of the FMP.

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