Photography and the New Reality

The new reality, van Rynswoud, 2020.

My life has changed completely during the last 10 weeks of lockdown. It has been a constant exercise of patience while trying to learn, through mistakes and solutions, new ways to live in balance again. Now my two children are at home, my eldest, a 8 year-old girl, needs to be homescholled by me. My young, a 3 year-old boy, needs almost constant supervision.

On the first weeks I was having trouble sleeping, but still continued photographing and registering moments. I was working with film and developing a home, the only problem that I encountered was to digitalise the negatives, as my scanner does not have excellent quality, so my next step would be to invest in an Epson scanner, maybe a Epson Perfection V600, which is affordable and good enough for my needs at the moment. Coming back to the issue that I mentioned earlier, that I could not sleep, therefore I was waking up quite late. This was a disruption to my productive day, and again, as a consequence, I was busy the rest of the time with the children, exercising, cooking, cleaning and, at night, it was late and I was too tired to write.

This was one of my mistakes, but it was not voluntary, maybe it was part of the process of getting used to the new reality. This week I was thinking on how to get a solution to this problem, how to get to sleep again early and to have the morning, even if just two hours every day, to write here and to edit and work on my photos. I finally made it today and I feel refreshed and content to be here, sitting down in front of the screen and writing on my blog.

Another issue that I have been having is my machine, an 2013 IMac that has been running low on memory, space, and suddenly my Adobe photography applications started sending error messages and my keyboard became faulty after my daughter ate mysterious things over it during her zoom English lessons. Again, how to solve this technical problem? Contacting Apple, maintenance, cleaning, scanning for malware and buying a brand new keyboard, since I tried to clean the old one, but still was typing extra characters constantly.

At the end, what I am learning during this lockdown is to have low expectations, to readapt, solve problems, learn with the mistakes, and always to be able to restart with a positive attitude. And, don’t let your children eat over the keyboard again.

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