WIP and Editing

I am very self-aware of struggle to edit and reorder images, therefore I using different techniques suggested at the symposium to improve my process. At the end of 2019 I have refurbished my living room so ir could be also be used as my office, dark room, and photography studio. I have changed the colour of the walls so it would suit both uses that the room would have.

At the moment it is covered with pictures, and my light is always on the side ready to shoot, along with my backdrops, I use black, white and grey. And then I came with another problem to solve. I went out with my camera and lost the trigger for the lights. Since they are not brand new also, the trigger for it has been discontinued by Bowens. I searched on Ebay and found another similar with the Pulsar radio system, and now I am waiting for it to arrive, and I hope it works.

For my FMP I have been using my studio lights, natural light, a combination of both and I have also started using a combination of continuous and natural light in order to give more detail and dept. I like to use my studio lights to isolate details, and for my self-portraits. Today I need to finish editing some images to print, as the red wall is still under construction.

Another recommendation that I received was to study other photo books, and now, as I don’t have access to libraries, I will rely only on my personal collection. I intent to purchase a book to study layout and editing, and it is Midlife, by Elinor Carucci. My plan is to write an analysis based on the way the book was edited and how the pictures were displayed, sizes of images, quantity and the description included in the book.

Also, I need to investigate how words are used in a photographic book. This will be my next step, on deciding on how I am going to use words in my own project of creating a book. If it was going to be an exhibition, I would include sounds to the athmosphere, and theses sounds I have decided already and have some recordings.

To sum up, the editing is on focus at the moment, and to attentive to new techniques of improving my skills during the post-production phase of the project.

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