FMP- WIP Statement

Helik van Rynswoud

My photography practice is about describing my emotional states and responses towards the world that surrounds me. It is a psychological atlas of my reality and of the people that surrounds me, dealing, in this way, with themes of maternity, domestic life, relocation and family relationships.

The work I produce is in black and white and work with both digital and traditional processes. The choice for working in black and white was not a real choice, as I tried to shoot in colour film and it it just did not work. The monochrome just feels natural to me and to my work and, I believe that, by removing the colours, I am adding meaning and more dept to my photos.

I often photograph itens or living things as a metaphor, other times things happen in a natural order and I just see a photo opportunity on it. For an example, I realised that the theme of birds kept reappearing almost unconsciouly to my body or work. I then stopped to analyse why I had this strange obsession with birds and then I realised that I use them to describe themes of freedom and loneliness, or lack of them.

During the lockdown period, I have been photographing my children and my relation towards the experience. I have also produced a series of self portraits, on a way to record my emotional responses during this difficult times. As most of us, we all have gone through different emotional states since the beginning of the pandemic, and this was my way to record this.

To sum up, now that the situation is changing, so will my work. I always try to keep updated and productive, while using an intuitive state of mind when photographing. When talking about light, I use a combination of natural, studio flash guns and continuous light. The aim at the end of the FMP is to create a photo book to share my images.

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