Changes to Photo Zine dissemination and talk

The situation around coronavirus is still uncertain, and, even though there are fewer cases at the moment here in Glasgow, there was a recent outbreak in Aberdeen and the city is under lockdown again. It is not a good idea to gather too many people, as it can be unsafe for everyone. There is still no vaccine nor a cure for it.

For this reason I am not making an event like I first thought it would be possible. I am still going to Edinburgh, as non essential travel is still allowed here at the moment, but the event now will gather only a few selected people as a celebration of the release of the Photo Zine. This way, it will be a safer event, where we will be able to stay outside and to be in safe distance between each other, and still able to enjoy the moment and celebrate the creation of the zine.

An online exhibition will be created and shared online on the date of the celebration (At Tupiniquim, Saturday 15th August, 7pm), and to release it I will create a Live on my Instagram account, where I will be presenting my project and talking about its outcomes. This way, the dissemination will be mainly online, with the use of and Instagram.

I have already started creating an online exhibition on Initially, the website was working smoothly, but suddenly became slow and refusing to act! Therefore I decided to stop and wait until it is functional again. It seems quite easy to create the gallery, once the website cooperates with me. Many people are using this tool at the moment, and maybe that’s why the website is not working probably, probably too many artists accessing it, therefore overloading the system.

This will be my first live on Instagram talking about Photography, it will be an experience out of my comfort zone. Also, I believe that artists should always be updated on what is being currently happening on the digital world. The internet is more than never now the only way to disseminate innumerous materials, being exhibition, music, talks, lectures and online learning. Being updated means you are not left behind.

To sum up, this is time to embrace the online world and have fun with it also.

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