Finishing the Zine

I finally sent the last 3 edits for Leandro to do on the Zine, and it will be finally finished. I would never imagine the work this would take, on both sides. It had uncountable versions and now it is time to stop and get it printed. I uploaded the file to check for error and it went smoothly this time:

I am printing 50 copies, this is what I can afford at the moment, and it will cost £353. It will cost £7.06 for each zine, I now need to decide what to charge for them. I want to make it affordable, but at the same time I don’t want it to be too cheap. So, maybe £17/£18 pounds?

The next step is to have a launch, which will be happening at Tupiniquim on Friday 28 August. We will invite a few people, but it is not meant to be advertised, as we don’t want to gather many people. Instead, I will have a Live on Instagram. The Zine took 7 days to get here the previous time I ordered, so I am expecting the same. If I order today or tomorrow, it will arrive by next Wednesday.

I have also to decide on which venues I am taking it to be sold, in Glasgow I know that Street Level is one option. Producing this Zine was a “bumpy ride”, but I guess that is how you learn new things. It will probably not be perfect, but it gave me foundations for what is coming next.

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