Public Dissemination – Online

So far, I participated in the Brighton PhotoFringe Instagram takeover, and yesterday I sent the images for the Falmouth Showcase. The game is quite fast at the moment, but with the children at school and nursery now, I have mode time to keep updated with what is happening.

I created an online exhibition using g Artsteps, and it is just missing the music:

Also, since I follow the Photo Fringe Instagram now, I noticed their advertisement for the online exhibition space that they are creating this year because of Covid19. So I made an entry and I am taking part on their event also. It will be released on the 31st August. The template is easy to use, as above, but when I reorder the images and save, for some reason it is destroying the order I selected. I will try to email them, maybe they can fix this before the release.

The next step is format text and images to be displayed on my Instagram now. Using my platform to share the work and the online exhibitions. I have also decided to apply for Extenuating Decision for an extension, when I realised that the zine would not arrive in time, and the venue that I am using is reopening in Thursday, the night before the submission.

Therefore, I would not have enough time to evidence the presentation and the Zine itself on the FMP PDF, and to organise the reviews. I also stated the fact that the schools just reopened here in Scotland, Monday was first full day of Luca and Elise’s first full week of lessons. I was by myself with the children all the time, and their father work long hours, and even weekend occasionally. To be honest, I am surprised with what I have done with them in the house, I almost manage to finish in time. If I had one or maybe two more weeks I would be ok. My mantra was to always trust my super power, which is High Functioning Anxiety. It helped me to keep focused, to keep producing, and to use the time that I had intensively.

And, the surprise is that I received a confirmation that the EC was approved, so relieved and happy. I have a new deadline officially, 15 Oct 2020. But, at the same time, I want to keep things fast and going, this will not delay the process, but just allow it to finish as it should.

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