Sozinhos – Edit 1

After creating many versions and editing a thousand times, I have decided just to create a preview of the zine and to send it for a test print. To print an unfinished version costs £24, including delivery, and to print a finished is £50. So, since the price is so high, I just ordered an unfinished copy.

It took longer than what I thought initially to receive the copy, 7 days. So my inicial plan to exhibit on the 15th August had to be cancelled. Also, the venue is only opening now on the 22nd August, since they are adapting the place to work in Covid times. Deliveries are slower than normal, therefore everything is delayed.

Receiving the Zine Sozinhos was a great joy, and this was a big moment for me. I then could see better what was working, and what wasn’t. For instance, the full pages had a much higher impact, they look much better. Also, I was initially afraid of problems with the alignment, but I realised that it is minimum, and it does not make too much difference. Therefore, I am making big changes on this copy, adding bigger images.

Now I can have an idea on how to expose the images for printing, some arrived a lot overexposed, so I had to reedit them and replace on InDesign. I also forgot to put a reference for the dictionary definition and the poem, made by me. The Zine is starting to look much better, and having done a test print was a very important step.

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