Zine Sent to Print & What’s Next?

Yesterday night I sent it to print. It was a good feeling but I am still anxious about leaving any mistakes behind. But I need to remind myself that these 50 copies are good as they are, and the work looks cohesive and professional. Now I have to write my final words and plans for the next two weeks, as I am handing in this journal on Friday.

As I mentioned before, the zine will arrive by next Thursday, and on Friday I will make a talk and make it available for purchase. So this will be: a publication, an oral presentation of the work for a small group of people, presence online on instagram and on virtual exhibitions.

What’s next? Yesterday I just found out about that Magnum will be holding portfolio reviews at the end of September. I have decided to send in an application, to be reviewed by Antonie d’Agata. Now it is time to start rolling the dice, try new things and continue developing my practice.

Apart from missing the deadline for Landings, I think I am doing pretty well with the other events. Source, Instagram takeover for Photo Fringe, Falmouth Showcase, Photo Fringe Exhibition 2020. My plan is to continue attentive towards similar events and open calls, to get my work out there in order to disseminate the work.

The MA has been a huge learning curve for me, and sometimes I still feel that I could have done more. But I have also to be proud of what I did under the circumstances I was in, as I did not give up, overcome the obstacles and reached the end of it. I am also proud of the Zine, to be able to collaborate, and of the work that was produced.

After the end of the MA the plans are to look for work and to find a next project, hopefully my next project will be stronger enough to be published as a book, and this time I am going to hire a professional publisher. For this I need to get my finances organised, and to find a way to fund this work. I plan to look more into grants, and try to apply for them.

The next step now is to conclude the FMP PDF, insert all the evidence in it, including details of the event, the launch of the zine and the reviews, and my website also needs updating. As the event will be happenning on the 28th August, I suspect that by the 10th of September I will be completing the document and sending in to be marked.

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