After CRJ Sub. Post – Exhibition ideas

Helik van Rynswoud, 2020.

I got used to add my ideas here before putting them into effect, so I will continue as a draft of what I will add on my final PDF.

My dissemination ideas are:

Initial launch at Tupiniquim with selected guests, talk and slideshow. Informal talk. There will be no drinks, as the place is open and not suitable. Something informal, but an opportunity to know other creatives from Edinburgh and establish connections.

At the same time: Launch of the online exhibition. Zine will be sold for £15.00 from Amazon.

Another third and final idea:

Printing posters with information of the website and Instagram, and distributed to people that I know in the West End to be exhibited inside people’s windows. This way, it will be still indoors, but available to see from the outdoors. The posters must fit most tenement windows, they are long and perfect for a poster.

Next steps: Make a poster and send to print on DS Labs.

Await for feedback from local community and add to PDF.

I think this would be a good closure for the project, with the dissemination around my area, the West End of Glasgow. Also, it would be ideal to have the release on the same day and information released on Instagram.

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