Informing Contexts

In Between Worlds

Now it is time to explore more the outdoors and change the narrative, using metaphors to represent the feeling of loneliness and isolation that one might feel while moving out of the original culture. I intent to produce images using elements such as clothes as a way to represent the original culture, while referencing the local Scottish culture at the same time.
At this stage, my work is lacking a “soul” per say. I needed a new equipment to shoot. Ideally, I would rather use film, and I did shoot using my medium format Mamiya occasionally, but due to costs of film development I decided to focus more on the digital format. Here is an example of what I shot on film:


Following this, I tried to integrate landscape using a new equipment that I recently decided to use for my project: Fuji XT3. I previously owned a Fuji X-Pro1, which I adored for being do portable and discreet, but I needed and update and something that would let my imagination run with more freedom.

Even though I believe that cameras are not the most important, and the ideas and the eye are more important, I realised a while ago that I have a different relationship with different cameras that I own. This relationship relates to my past and is imprinted in by subconscious. The material that I produce using my Film 35mm Pentax is different if I get the Canon 5D in my hands. With the film I am more fine art focused, more selective and more engaged, while with the lager full frame my work becomes more commercial oriented, more direct and less personal. Therefore, I decided to trick my brain using a Fuji that looks like my Pentax, Silver and Black, same size, same feel, hence the XT3. I will treat is an analogue camera, while using the digital features. Besides, it feels more intimate and less intimidating when photographing other people. So far, so good:


This is the beginning of a new era, and now it feels more real to me, and I am more connected to it.